The Uncoverables Podcast: Ernesto Cervini Interview (Myriad3)

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This week’s podcast features an interview with Myriad3 drummer Ernesto Cervini in anticipation of their gig March 22nd at Casa Del Popolo alongside Montreal’s Parc Ex Trio. Topics include tourin’, rehearsin’, and composin’.



Trio3 (Andrew Cyrille, Reggie Workman, and Oliver Lake)-“Bumper” from Visiting Texture

Myriad3-“Skeleton Key” from Moons

Aki Takase and David Murray-“A Very Long Letter” from Cherry-Sakura



The Uncoverables Podcast: Ida Toninato Interview

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Ida Toninato is a Montreal-based saxophone player who’s been involved with a great deal of different musical projects around town including La La Human Steps dance collective and supermusique.  We speak about her recent endeavors including her 2016 Kohlenstoff records release Strangeness is Gratitude and her upcoming presentation at SAT with her duo project Jane/Kin.  Also listen in for some new releases from Montreal and Toronto.


Eguiluz Trio-“Absolution” and “Noûs” from Ontologies

Ida Toninato-“Wanderers” from Strangeness is Gratitude and “To Go Toward More Light”

Ugly Beauties-“Strange Attractors” from Strange Attractors

The Uncoverables Podcast: Evan Shay and Kyle Hutchins (Run and Hide) Interview

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Evan Shay and Kyle Hutchins are Montreal musicians whom you may already know, but Run and Hide is a stark change of artistic pace for both of them.  Comprised of a pair of sax players, Run and Hide is a highly melody/improvisation driven work involving a lot of conversational playing.  On this episode we talk about improvisation, purple cows, and finding inspiration in and outside of the classroom.


Jessica Ackerley Trio-“Clockwork” from Coalesce

Run and Hide-“Which Way is the Highway? ” and “The Well Lit Road” from Run and Hide

Craig Taborn-“Phantom Ratio” from Daylight Ghosts

The Uncoverables Podcast: Ellwood Epps Interview (Togetherness)

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Ellwood Epps is a versatile Montreal improviser and trumpet player.  Togetherness is his new project, which began with some collaboration with Cape Town’s own Rus Nerwich in the summer of 2016.  Throughout Febuary and March, the group is playing–with new saxophone player Eric Hove–in various Montreal venues, including a show this very evening at Cafe Resonance.  Topics of discussion include groovin’, collaboration, and historical potency.


Abdullah Ibrahim-“Calypso Minor” from Sotho Blue

Togetherness-“Togetherness” and “Angel Nemali” from Secret Live Bootleg

Trouble Kaze-“Part II” from June (brand new release!!)



The Uncoverables Podcast: Seamus Williams (TVE) Interview

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This week’s podcast features the man behind the music project TVE, who released a tape called “Anormal et troublant” this past year on Falt Records.  Williams is also a big community radio head so we also speak about scouring record collections for fascinating old noise experimentation.  You can catch his radio show “Music Under the Moon” on or facebook or 91.3 WCUW if you happen to live in Worchester, Massachusetts.


Christian Maclay and Otomo Yoshihide-“Sliced and Diced” from Moving Parts

Chemiefaserwerk-“Stromern” from Collagen

TVE-“#4” from Anormal et troublant

Remnants-“Dark Passage Excerpt”

Emilie Girard-Charest-“Avec Marc à Barcelone – Track 2 Master 1” from Avec

The Uncoverables Podcast: Nick Fraser Interview

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This week’s episode (is four days late….) features excerpts from an interview I did over the summer with Canadian Improvising Drummer Nick Fraser.  We spoke a bit about his philosophies surrounding improvisation and the process behind his latest album Starer which you can find at!  New music from outside the jazz world included after the interview portion.  Tune in!

(photo credit: Christer Männikus)

Playlist (artist-“tune” from album)

Nick Fraser-“Sketch #20/22” from Starer

Gintas K-“Minmi” from Under My Skin

Sarah Davachi-“Ghosts and All” from Vergers

Sneaks-“Inside Edition” from It’s a Myth

The Courtneys-“Silver Velvet” from II


The Uncoverables Podcast: Raphael Foisy-Couture Interview

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This week is a special episode featuring Montreal DIY legend Raphael Foisy-Couture.  Raph plays bass, runs the excellent Small Scale Music record label and use to book shows at La Passe music venue.  We speak about housing musicians on your couch, fighting for diversity, and finding close relationships within a larger community.


Henderson, Mettler, Foisy, Lachance- “4” from Built Like A Brick Shithouse

Snake Whiskey- “Million d’éléphants” from Snake Whiskey

Hoax Hoax-“Ablution” from Shot Revolver

Pierre-Luc Simon- “Apparition” from Fixations