Looking Ahead: 3/15

American Football-American Football (LP3)

In the wake of the news of Tame Impala coming back, I took another glance at Currents and of course it holds up, but more importantly it took me back to the stereogum review of the album, where writer Ryan Leas says that the album starts with a seven-minute behemoth and then turns into a slow burn to build up to the finale.   Maybe I was a little overly influenced by this, but that’s how the third American Football LP felt on first take.

As previously discussed, “Silhouettes” is likely the most adventurous tune the band has ever come up with and it’s also, quite literally, a seven-minute behemoth.  Then the band calms down for a minute, however, with three-minute tunes that feel comfortable, leading into more substantial work on “Doom in Full Bloom” and the Rachel Goswell featuring “I Can’t Feel You.”  Though it may not feel like a massive rekindling initially, by the end it’ll certainly feel blissfully new and expertly crafted.

Listen to it Now! on First Listen

Dis Fig-Purge

Self described as a super dark answer to the likes of Portishead, Dis Fig combines radio static and apocalyptic vocal work.  Check out my thoughts on lead single “Unleash.”

Out today!

Nilüfer Yanya-Miss Universe

In Your Head was a perfectly straightforward piece of pop-rock that might’ve raised some concerns that Miss Universe would be too simple, but by no means is that the case.  Though the album is a bit long and regrettably features a collection of De La Soul like vocal interludes, it sees Yanya deliver blissfully punchy tunes alongside long form pieces that truly spread their wings–sax solos and all.

Listen to this one on NPR today

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